Upholstery cleaning is important to ensuring the useful life of your furnishings.  Although a sudden stain gets your attention, constant usage, children, and pets create more of an ongoing need to maintain your upholstery before subtle damage becomes more difficult to resolve.  Perspiration, greasy fingers, natural body oil, environmental contaminants from clothing or dust, and a variety of things create conditions for stains to bond.  Although frequent vacuuming is highly recommended and should be done at least once a week, at some point professional cleaning is advisable to restore things to a more pristine and stain-free condition.

Our upholstery cleaning process is thorough to ensure the best results.  All cleaning solutions are safe, environmentally friendly and high quality to ensure the best possible clean.

First we pre-inspect the upholstery we will be cleaning and we will inform you of any potential problems prior to cleaning. We then we pre-treat any difficult stains such as water rings, water marks, wine stains, pet stains so that removal is possible. And then we clean the entire piece of furniture completely using the appropriate upholstery cleaning solution.