Dog and cat urine are common to many households. If treated immediately while in a neutral state, odors and damage are minimized. However, many times the pet urine has dried, turned alkaline and develops an ammonia-like odor. Frequently this is accompanied by discoloration. In the case of wall to wall carpets, factors such as carpet construction, how much urine penetrated the carpet backing or was absorbed in the padding make complete odor removal more difficult and more involved.

We use enzyme based products that work to eliminate odors. They work by gradually digesting and neutralizing the source of the odor. They are designed to treat uric acid which causes these types of pet odors. These are quite different than deodorizers that often temporarily mask unpleasant smells. There are more advanced approaches WATER CLAW/SUBSURFACE for complete treatment such as lifting carpets and replacing padding or in extreme cases refinishing floors. If the problem is a recurring problem, it’s often sensible to take a more limited approach if the problem is ongoing . We care about animals and recognize they’re important members of any family and try to provide a fair and reasonably priced service as pets will be pets.

Pet Stains: Pet stains are sometimes permanent.  We carefully pre-inspect this type of damage and explain what can be achieved prior to commencing any work.  In many situations, they are yellow in appearance and can be neutralized completely.  For more serious damage with a higher contrast, we try to reduce the contrast so that it’s not that noticeable.