Carpets can be damaged from any number of reasons…pets, iron burns, paint spills, unprofessional installation, open seams, stains, water damage, bad padding and more. Every situation is unique, but we can fix almost anything and everything, and have been doing so for over 17 years.

Carpet Repair Services

Our qualified carpet technicians will come out to your home & properly assess the situation to provide you with the best course of action to solve your problem. Below are some of the most common repairs that we offer:

  • Patch Repair – Caused by pets, iron burn, humans, bleach, etc.
  • Re-stretching – Caused by poor installation, settling, moving furniture, etc.
  • Re-seam Repair – Bad seam, water damage, pets, etc.
  • Re-installation & Padding Replacement – Caused by flooding, remodeling, etc.
  • Re-Tacking – Tack was too small or too large for carpet

Carpet Re-stretching

Improper installation, heavy foot traffic, humidity, excessive aging and faulty carpet care can cause your carpet to buckle and wrinkle over time. Dragging furniture across a room will aggravate the problem. Vacuuming over the buckling can cause early wear to that area. In most cases we can permanently solve the problem of the unsightly waves, eliminate trip hazards and increase the life of the carpet. A tight stretch allows the carpet to retain its beauty longer. Our Professional Carpet Repair Technicians accomplish this by stretching your carpet using either a power stretcher, knee kicker or combination of the two.

Carpet Padding Repairs & Replacement

Carpet padding protects the carpet from the sub-floor and provides cushion to walk on. Normally when replacing the carpet, the old padding may also need to be replaced.